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Skin Tones...

Do you mix your acrylic paints to get just the right skin tone for your dolls?
As many dollmakers know, when mixing your paints, is not always easy to attain colors that are life-like.
Jessie Oleson Moore has written a blog on Craftsy called An Easy Method for Mixing Acrylic Paint for Skin Tones that might just help.

According to Jesse:
"By using the simple method detailed in this tutorial, you'll learn how to mix skin tones using different ratios of the primary colors. This easy method requires a little work to refine, but is a fantastic and accessible method for artists of any level. With a little practice, you'll be creating skin tones like a pro."

Jesse's blog is certainly worth a read and I will be experimenting with Jesse's method for mixing colors on the next doll I create.

To view Jesse's blog... An Easy Method for Mixing Acrylic Paint for Skin Tones

"How to Paint Skin Tones Step by Step.
Jessie Oleson Moore recently posted a tutorial on the Craftsy blog titled, "How to Paint Skin Tones Step by Step.
According to Jessie, "This tutorial simplifies what can be a tricky process, even for seasoned artists: how to attain perfect skin tones."

Read Jessie's tutorial...

Learn How to Paint Lips With These Helpful Tips
A FREE tutorial that includes tips on how to paint lips using acrylic paint.

Read Sara's blog by CLICKING HERE!

Complex Complexion: Tips for Painting Skin Tones in Acrylic.

Jessie Oleson Moore just posted another blog on Craftsy to talk about painting with acrylics,
According to Jessie, her post "details a basic way to make a base mix using the primary colors plus white".

Acrylic portrait via Craftsy member Chrissie

View Jessie's post, Complex Complexion: Tips for Painting Skin Tones in Acrylic!

"Owl" You Need...

is available as a FREE pattern download on Craftsy. This pattern from ShanniLoves is absolutely adorable and will hold all your sewing tools and keep clutter off your sewing table.
The 'Owl You Need' Sewing Buddy

This pattern is available as a FREE download by clicking on my affiliate link!

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