Hair Loom

You can very easily create a hair loom to take the work out of cutting lengths of yarn for your dolls.

You will need the following:

1 – 40" piece of 1" x 4" wood

1 foot of 3/8" dowel

wood glue

hand saw

drill with 3/8" bit

Saw the 3/8" dowel into 3 pieces each 3 ½" long. Drill a hole 2" from each end of the 40" piece of wood to fit the wood dowel snugly. Glue a dowel in each hole using wood glue. Drill 5 more holes between the two dowels with 6" between each hole.

loom.gif (1688 bytes)

When you want to cut lengths of yarn for hair, just place the remaining dowel in the hole for the desired length and wind the yarn around the two dowels.

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