Project Cost Sheet

Here is the cost sheet that I talked about on the Dollmakers List; this sheet can be modified to meet your particular needs. As I said, there is definitely a lot of work involved in keeping track of this information; however, you must know your costs to determine if you are pricing your dolls appropriately.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.


(1) Each item I make is given an inventory number upon completion

(2) Each store receipt generally has a SKU # for each item; if there is no SKU #, I make up a number which I use every time I buy that item.

(3) I like to put a check mark in whichever column applies - either I bought the item on sale or paid full price. That way if I see that most of the items were purchased on sale, I can adjust my selling price if I feel that the chances are great that I would not be able to get the sale again. However some items are usually on sale and I stock up on the item when they are.

Every time I make a purchase, I mark the package with the price and circle the SKU # if it printed on the package or write the SKU # on the package. All my material is marked in price per inch; when I list my material used, I put it down in inches.

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